Woodworth, ND. Not everyone has heard of this small town southwest of Carrington. I had never heard of it until my long-time friend Tim had brought me on a hunting trip over 20 years ago. His family had access to hunting land east of Mallard Marsh, which is about 6 miles north of Woodworth. We would head up there in the early fall chasing deer during archery season and hang out there until the icy grip of winter was squeezing out the last duck from the soon to be frozen ponds.

We stayed in a single-wide trailer that was rigged up with propane for heat and car batteries for the radio. We would bring an inappropriate number of adult beverages, which would lead to some late nights. Those late nights were followed up with very early mornings. We needed something to wake us up and the wonderful smell of those java beans would definitely ease the pain caused by the youthful indiscretions of the night before.

Coffee has long been a friend of mine. The flavor is bold and distinct and is unmatched when it comes to putting a spring in my step. This was the inspiration behind Wake Up Woodworth. Certain cuts of meat are meant to be enjoyed as God intended them, not merely as a vessel to inject sauce into our bellies. Take brisket for example. Beef has a bold flavor that can easily carry any meal. Rarely do I introduce a sauce to my beef, especially when it comes to brisket. But that’s where Wake Up Woodworth comes in. It looks brisket in the eye and says, “Bring it on”. The flavors complement each other and bring your mouth into blissful harmony.

I have long believed food is an experience, not merely a method of survival. Each dining experience can bring a wide range of emotions, good or bad, and it should be something we don’t forget.

I’ll never forget those long-gone days at The Shack. Those sunsets that took your breath away. Those snowy mornings that made you question your sanity. They are not just part of me. They are me. That’s who I am, and I could not be more blessed to have made many wonderful memories there.


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