The Faces Behind Big Deck Barbecue Co.

The Faces Behind Big Deck Barbecue Co.

Hey everybody, this is Zach Willis. I just wanted to share a little bit more about us personally and a little bit of background on where all of this started, so you can get to know us a little better just to reinforce the fact that our products are being made with you in mind. These sauces that we'll be putting out are genuinely a reflection of the countless years and taste tests it's taken to get to this point. We have a legitimate passion for creating high quality items with customer service that matches the standard we have for the food we put out. 

So to introduce us, I'm Zach, currently going into my fourth year at NDSU, pursuing my bacherlor's degree in Marketing and playing on the football team. I'm pictured here with my dad Tyson, his wife and my stepmom Heidi, and my younger siblings Kenny, Chloe and Layla. 

This is a picture of me and my amazing fiance Julia, the night we got engaged last November.

My dad has always cooked well and impressed guests and friends with his creations. He developed an unbreakable passion for cooking and finding what he could do in the kitchen. Thus, the dream of Big Deck Barbecue Co. was developed. The name comes from the deck that he built on the back of our humble little home. (He only built it because he bought a gazebo that was too large for the deck we had, and he was too stubborn to return it).

No matter how stressful our day was, we could always retreat to the deck and be treated to something that my dad thought up during the day. That deck is where the passion for all of this started and is where the name Big Deck Barbecue Co. originates. 

As my dad ventured more and more into different types of food items, everybody that tasted his sauces knew that he needed to share them with the world. After a lot of experimentation with products, support from friends and family, and a few years, we're where we are now. 

We believe in humble begginings and staying true to our roots. We are proud to be owned and operated in Fargo, North Dakota, which is where both of us were born and raised.That deck my dad built on the back of my childhood home gave us a path to dream about what we could do, and we make all of our products with that in mind.

We know this wouldn't be possible without you. Whether it's sharing our Facebook page, liking an Instagram post, or buying and recommending product to those that you know, we can't thank you enough for the outpouring of love you've shown. We love this community, and we couldn't be more excited to share the things that we create with you!

I want to take this last section to thank my family, the people that are making this thing run. First, my stepmom Heidi and my fiance Julia. You two are the backbone of all of this. From supporting me and dad, to helping us perfect our product and everything in between, you two are the biggest reasons we're here. Next, I want to thank my dad. You've been my best friend for as long as I can remember and you've given me more than I could ever return. I'm glad you've trusted me to help you make your dream a reality.

Finally, one more thank you to all of you who are seeing this right now. You drive us to share our amazing product and we can't wait until you get a bottle in your hands.

Always remember, Life's Better On A Big Deck!



  • Tyson

    Hi Ken! Thank you for your support!

  • Tyson

    Hi Patty! We are available at MinnDak Market in the mall and Brother’s Table in Moorhead!

  • Patty Nelson

    Hi Zach! Are your products available at any outlets in town?

  • Ken Hessinger


    I’m ex ND’er went to NDSU & UND, love the Bison (I feel the Ducks avoided a loss this year – not having to play the Bison)! You are a well grounded young man with a supporting family around you. In North Carolina, but going to Google after this note to check on your products. Best of luck to Bison – and Big Deck!
    Have a good weekend and stay safe!

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